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Miss Thang Pageant // Zoo // Pictures

Yesterday my friends and I made a video for my speech class.  We did a beauty pageant called Miss Thang.  The judges and contestants had obscure over the top personalities, the hosts were normal.  Here's a character list.

Ceejay -- Emily "Em" Hammer 
Codee -- Cicilia "Ci" Hammer

Laura -- Myriad Persona:  had imaginary friends named Chip and Dale
Alex -- Missouri Black:  the heartbroken girl who isn't over her boyfriend that broke up with her two years ago
Susanne -- Joyce Java:  the coffee addict.   

Contestants (in order of elimination)
Caycee -- Melody Flutterby:  the ditz
Karina -- Victoria Queen:  the pageant queen
Ganae -- Stephanie Sniffles:  the hypochondriac
me -- Lucy Gamble:  the girl who lost a bet. 

We sort of did a beauty pageant combined with a little Top Model.  It was really funny.  The best part was probably the judges entrances.. Laura walked the runway stopped, posed, and did a half turn.. then Alex did the same.. the Susanne also did the same.  After Susanne's turn they counted to three and turned into the Charlie's Angels pose.  (I have pictures of all of this)

Right after I finished that my mom, grandma, Elisabeth and I went to the zoo to see the lights and stuff.  Well, that wasn't fun.. nothing was really out and it was really crowded but we got there kind of early so we avoided most of the crowd.  I hate crowded places especially with little kids underfoot.. ugh! Oh well I got a few cute pictures.

Miss Thang

Karina and I


Susanne and Alex

Karina and me

Caycee and Karina

Susanne and Alex

Codee and Ceejay (yes, they are sisters for real and Caycee is their older sister)


Laura, Susanne, and Alex -- The Judges practice their pose

Laura practicing her entrance

Alex practicing her entrance

Laura still working on entrance.. waiting for Susanne

Alex, Susanne, and Laura counting off.

Ceejay and Codee introducing the judges

Karina and me

Ganae and Karina waiting to make their entrances

Susanne and Ganae still waiting to do their entrances.. (we practiced this a lot)

Laura, Susanne, and Alex... judging


Laura, Susanne, and Alex judging, yet again

Karina and Ganae

me and Karina... 

The Zoo



a peacock

my dinner

a leopard.. this is my favorite picture

random lights

flower lights

I'm not sure what this animal is.. it's something Australian

Tree Kangaroo

same Tree Kangaroo

music note lights

boat lights

a moose and uh.. something else

light tunnel

a tree made out of lights

gift shop.. a prairie dog, I think


me .. I was bored

mmm candy


one of those decorative place things

more lights

blurry reindeer made of lights

same reindeer

entrance to the zoo

more the entrance

then we went and got ice cream


Elisabeth eating her ice cream

Elisabeth and me

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