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NHS Induction // Pictures [27 Jan 2007|04:15pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Yesterday was the NHS induction.  It was interesting.  Missing two and a half classes was like amazing and the best part. haha.  I missed part of Drawing and Painting, KAP, and Basic Grammar.  The induction is really just a bunch of pomp and circumstance.  I took some pictures there.


School // Grades // NHS [25 Jan 2007|07:25pm]
[ mood | content ]

 School is like over halfway over.  That's like really exciting.  My classes are pretty easy right now.  KAP is the hardest.  I have the Tindall and Shi to read for Monday and then, Bread Givers to read for Tuesday.  I started Bread Givers two days ago and I'm like over half way through it.  It's like really good.

I'm pretty happy with my grades..

 Nine Week'sExamSemester
CP11 EnglishBA-B
Algebra IIB+BB+
Chemistry IBC-B-
KAP HistoryA-A-A-

Current GPA:  3.533
Cumulative GPA:  3.727

Tomorrow is the NHS induction.  I get to miss a few classes for that.  haha.


Fun // Exams // Pictures [13 Jan 2007|02:18am]
[ mood | tired ]

I think I did pretty well on all of my exams.. even chem.  Funny story kind of about exams.  On Thursday, we had the orchestra exam during a make-up period and so like we had to stay late.  I didn't have a vechile so I had to ride the bus.  Guess who was the only person over 14 on it?  Guess who was the only person who got off at my bus stop (usually at least 10 get off)?  Guess who was the only high schooler? ME! haha.

The new semester starts on Wednesday, when we get back from the four day weekend.  I get four new classes:  Drawing & Painting I, Basic Grammar, Graphic Design, and Mythology.  Yay for less homework.  It's a lovely schedule of mostly english and fine arts, the only exception being KAP.  

I went to the orthodontist and while I was there I saw Alex (freshmen one).  We decided that next time we go we're totally getting the same colours. haha.


Exams // Pictures // Yay [10 Jan 2007|10:06pm]
[ mood | amused ]

It's exam week; marking the end of the semester (not to mention Chem, Forensics, and Speech).  I took KAP and English today... tomorrow is my easy day; orchestra, speech, and forensics.  Friday is my hard day; algebra and chemistry.  I think I did pretty well on my KAP exam and decent on my english.. I'm so not going to do fabulous on the chemistry one but I'm going to look over things a little tonight and then ask the teacher tomorrow about the confusing stuff.  

Yesterday.. Kaitlin and I used homework passes to get out of orchestra.  We were supposed to study or whatever but we just laid in the hall and talked.

On yesterday and the day before that I took pictures during speech class, during orchestra, and after school... 

oh yeah, I almost forgot, I made a new layout.  Check it out.

Miss Thang Pageant // Zoo // Pictures [30 Dec 2006|04:04am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Yesterday my friends and I made a video for my speech class.  We did a beauty pageant called Miss Thang.  The judges and contestants had obscure over the top personalities, the hosts were normal.  Here's a character list.

Ceejay -- Emily "Em" Hammer 
Codee -- Cicilia "Ci" Hammer

Laura -- Myriad Persona:  had imaginary friends named Chip and Dale
Alex -- Missouri Black:  the heartbroken girl who isn't over her boyfriend that broke up with her two years ago
Susanne -- Joyce Java:  the coffee addict.   

Contestants (in order of elimination)
Caycee -- Melody Flutterby:  the ditz
Karina -- Victoria Queen:  the pageant queen
Ganae -- Stephanie Sniffles:  the hypochondriac
me -- Lucy Gamble:  the girl who lost a bet. 

We sort of did a beauty pageant combined with a little Top Model.  It was really funny.  The best part was probably the judges entrances.. Laura walked the runway stopped, posed, and did a half turn.. then Alex did the same.. the Susanne also did the same.  After Susanne's turn they counted to three and turned into the Charlie's Angels pose.  (I have pictures of all of this)

Right after I finished that my mom, grandma, Elisabeth and I went to the zoo to see the lights and stuff.  Well, that wasn't fun.. nothing was really out and it was really crowded but we got there kind of early so we avoided most of the crowd.  I hate crowded places especially with little kids underfoot.. ugh! Oh well I got a few cute pictures.


New Layout and Icons [01 Jul 2006|05:07pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I made a new layout and icons.. I was getting bored with Mila Kunis so I decided to have Jennifer Ellison (Meg from Phantom of the Opera).  Look at my pictures in the past like four six entries, 'cause those are at least interesting.

oh!  I almost forgot!  I'm mad that England lost to Portugal.  I wanted them to win.


Pictures from Biking [30 Jun 2006|05:38pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Today we went on an 18 mile bike ride.  Originally I rode with Danielle but she was defiantly going too fast for me, but Lizzi caught up and was like "Hey Emilie ride slow with me."  At first we were pretty close to Danielle but then she just got way ahead of us on the second bridge.  Then we get to the end and are like "We are not walking anywhere" so we took a picture with Erica (my 6th grade friend who was on a bike ride with some other group.)  On the way back Lizzi and I rode together then with Billy and some other kid.. then we get to the place were we stopped for Pizza ate pizza, talked, and took pictures.  I was talking to Dylan and Krista (ugh!) comes up and is like [to Dylan] "What does your shirt say?" and he was like rolling his eyes and was like "Just read it."  I thought it was hilarious so we started to laugh and Krista is going "What is so funny?  It wasn't that funny."  Then on the way back to town I rode with Lizzi (of course), Billy, and Dylan... it was pretty amusing.  AND I wasn't the last one back!  Lizzi and I were almost last back to the high school stadium but oh well we walked a lot of it.  Needless to say that bike will never see the light of day again.


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